Monday, February 06, 2006

Bad Class

Love And Sex: Who Knew It Could Be So Boring?

Part of my five-hour Philosophy Mondays is two full hours devoted to what should be a class that grabs my attention: Philosophy 606 - Love and Sex. Well, it doesn't.

While not falling asleep, exiting the classroom, doing copy editing homework, and counting the number of times the professor says, "Uh," "Right," and "Okay," I have one thought coursing through my brain while said professor speaks: "You must be out of your fucking mind."

That she is, because anything she offers as far as philosophy is painful rules and regulations that govern love.

The worse part is that she thinks that the class cares about what she's saying. If she only had my back-of-the-classroom view I have. Almost all the students that have laptops are using them to play games, chat on MSN or check their email. One girl sitting across from me was reading a novel today. She, the student, just didn't care.

And neither do I. But I will say this, coming off four hours sleep last night, PHL606 is just what the doctor ordered: a nice, uninterrupted nap.



Anonymous said...

I wanted to take that class very badly, but now I won't be able to. Guess I'm not missing much.

I'm so weak right now that I can't move.

That is all.

Anonymous said...

Oh that comment was actually from me, Nicole.

Czobit said...

Well, Nicole, I didn't even want to take the class. It was the only one that would keep me from going to school on Fridays for one hour. Are you still feeling sick?