Monday, February 27, 2006

Different Stories

A Class Gets More Painful

Back from the break, I had my first Philosophy of Love and Sex class of the second-half. Now it's the 'sex' part of the class. Not sure if it was this cold I have (see below), but I felt agitated during the entire class. Well, the entire time I was there.

I got to class 10 minutes late, which was still five minutes before the professor showed up. She wrote her usual scribbles on the board. "Blah, blah, blah," her mouth went. I considered turning my iPod back on to block hearing her 'rights' and 'okays.' Good thing I didn't, because I would have missed these gems:

We certainly don't want a definition that (makes) Wayne Gretzky gay.

I ran into you and touched your breast. It's not sexual. Well, it's not sexual unless the guy 'pretended' to run into her.

Don't touch anything above the waist.

Throw in the genital stuff.

You want context? I'd give it if it would explain any of those quotations. I'm afraid that giving no context makes the same amount of sense.

After it hit noon, I started to get impatient for a break. One didn't appear to be coming, so I left the class. I walked around the business building, up and down the floors, and returned 20 minutes later. When I did come back, the prof had just sent the class for a break. I looked at the mess of her notes on the board, realized I'd need to super-squint to make out the letters, and then said to myself, "Fuck it. I'm outta here."

And then I was gone.

Son Hits Home Run Off Dad; Dad Tries To Knockout Son With Fastball

Yeah, it's baseball, but the Clemens family sounds so nice.

This (Cough) Cold

With the pain in my throat getting progressively worse by the hour, I decided today was the day to go to the walk-in clinic. Okay, at first I tried the ER, but apparently my cold, while a great discomfort to me, is not an emergency. But it hurts so bad, you hear?

So, I had been on a delicious cocktail of Tylenol (try the new eZ Tabs (seriously, there's a free offer in there (okay, not seriously, unless you really like pain relievers)) -- so sweet like candy (you follow with all of these parentheses?)) and Dimetapp, which wasn't getting the job done.

The walk-in clinic doc prescribed me Avelox, which I'm pretty sure is a synonym for 'placebo.' "Take for seven days."

Well, I'll 'take,' but I'm not gonna put my faith in pills (except for new Tylenol eZ Tabs).

Where Are The Beautiful People?

Were filming on Wellington today. I haven't seen it, but I think the show sucks.



Nicole said...

I have a cold to! I went to the Dutch equilevant of Shoppers today to try to get something, but the Dutch know fuck all about anything. I don't know why I was expecting any different with this.

So I bought something for my throat and biked home in the hail. My face got nice and pelted, it was great.

I also wanted to take that Love & Sex class, but just for the sex part mostly.

I don't know if the above made any sense and I'm not going to re read it to find out! hahah


Nicole said...

ps I don't remember where Wellington Street in Toronto is, though I feel I should. I do, however, know where it is in Sarnia.

I've been away from Toronto for 3 months now. Excellent.

Czobit said...

Yes, it's global cold season.

Laura said...

kornegay + talking about genitals = i would drop the course no ifs, ands or buts.


Czobit said...

Lol! Yes, there's no excuse for me to still be in that class.

She had said the word about five or six times before I left. It's really creepy, like walking into grade 9 sex ed class and finding out your grandmother is the teacher.

Kerry said...

I had Kornegay for classical and contemporary morality last term. Scary woman.

The part about the "rights" and "okays" gave her away. Shudder.

Czobit said...

Oh, yes, the rights and okays are unbearable. I can't remember the exact number, but in our second lecture, which was 43 minutes long, she said either 'right' or 'okay' just under 200 times.

It's not okay.

Kerry said...

She went on a rant about soda once. How this was related to Aristotle, I'm not sure.

Czobit said...

Yeah, she tends to stray off quite a bit. It all just blends into a deafening blah. I don't know how to describe it differently.

Kerry said...

I would hope she makes fewer references to her daughter in this course than she did in the morality one.

Czobit said...

Lol. How old is her daughter? 43?

It's funny you mention the daughter, because Kornegay did make a reference to her for the first time on Monday.

She talked about how much pleasure she had hugging her daughter when she was a baby. And then she said she told her friends that babies are perfect, and the only thing parents can do is screw them up.

She might have said more, but I left soon after.

Kerry said...

The woman is creepy, though she did have a rather impressive knowledge of the Simpsons.

"And every time I try to get my daughter to eat her vegetables, she breaks into the 'You don't make friends with sal-AD!' song."

"You know, my daughter used to come home from grade school and say 'Can you believe people actually believe in some kind of imaginary, all-present God? Weeee, it's almost Christmas! Santa is coming!'"

There were more, but I've blocked out most of that class.

Czobit said...

I can't blame you for blocking it out. I figure if I actually took anything she said seriously, I'd need a psychiatrist in the future.

Not to say I won't need one anyways... ;)