Saturday, February 11, 2006

Fly By

Weeks Five Through One, We Hardly Knew Ya

I thought last semester went by fast then I looked at my agenda and realized that week six is upon me. So, this one is slightly faster. If things work out, I'll only be going to Ryerson on Monday and Thursday this week.

Monday, I have my first and only mid-term of the semester. I should be reading my philosophy of love reading package right now, but I think I'm suffering from a new level of procrastination. It's like I'll purposely let things get in the way. I'm behind, but am I worried? Meh, not really.

Tuesday, class is cancelled, because prayers do get answered.

Wednesday, I have reporting, which I hope to do on Tuesday, so I can polish it up and make it read all nice on Wednesday. What I'm trying to avoid? Bad writing like the first sentence of this paragraph. I've thought about it, and I don't think I'm taking any risks in my writing. It's time I change that, even if it means lower marks. I haven't been satisfied with anything I've written in almost 12 months. The last time I wrote something I was happy with was, in fact, during last year's reading week.

Thursday is the last day of class before reading week.

And then I'm free for eight days. Eight days to catch up on readings. Eight days to catch up on films. And eight days to relax. But being realistic (or is that pessimistic?) I know I don't have much chance of getting all three of those accomplished. I'll settle on two. Okay, one. And it probably won't be the latter two.

BTW, I've been keeping track of the number of classes I've managed to stay awake in this semester. Laura could probably tell you that I fell asleep in 99 per cent of the classes I had with her last semester -- including a mid-term! And I know I didn't stay awake in more than a total of three single classes I didn't have with her.

My record going into week five was an impressive 18-6, having stayed awake in 75 per cent of my classes. But week five wasn't so good. I dropped to 68 per cent (21-10). Will I rebound in week six or will I fall more? With only four classes this ought to be cinch. But don't bet on me.



Laura said...

he's not foolin'!

Czobit said...

Well, I went 2 for 2 today. I was loaded up on Starbucks for the first class. And the second class was a mid-term. So, I basically cheated.