Friday, February 03, 2006

Haunted Forest

Taking A Walk Through ...

I was walking home today and decided to take a short-cut I hadn't in more than five years. The short-cut was through Cawthra Bush, a forest that's about two blocks away from my house.

It's supposed to have a lot of wildlife, but in my short walk, I only saw one these. In fact the only notable thing about the walk was how my spectacular white Reeboks got spectacularly covered in dirt.

While I was in public school, we'd often go through the Bush to get to the arena that's on the other side of it. Sometimes we played 'Capture the Flag' in the spring, and would get covered in green inch worms that would fall from the trees.

The Bush is also home to the Cawthra Estate.

Legend (I don't know who's) has it that the estate is haunted. In October, it's used for a haunted house tour.

I've only been inside the estate once (some time ago) for a cousin's first communion celebration. The basement was renovated, but it didn't make it any less creepy as an 11-year-old kid when I was down there alone.I never ventured up the creeky, wood stairs.

Outside after dinner, a group of forest wanderers cut through the party with hockey sticks. You'd think they were going to play hockey, but having no skates or any equipment quashed that idea.

It was a bizarre afternoon. The kind you don't forget.


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