Thursday, February 16, 2006

Last Time

The Final Words on the RSU Election

Some quick thoughts on the final results of the RSU election.

For the record, I think interest in these elections is a result of the campus newspapers covering them as if they are important. They're not that important.

The "Ryerson Students United" team swept the elections. It was expected considering their group faced competition that ranged from unknowns to liars (and do click that link if you want to read some bad reporting).

But the bigger news, as reported by The Ryersonian, was the record-high voter turn-out. More than 2,600 students voted in this election.

So, maybe I was wrong that people didn't care about this election, but I all really need to do is qualify my claim: More people cared this year about the RSU election, but still, more than 85 per cent of students don't care.

And I have another theory about this abnormally high voter turn-out, because I don't think the candidates did a better job campaigning than previous candidates.

We've just had a federal election, and exercising your right to vote is the in-thing to do. So, people decided they'd also vote in this election. Wait until next year, and voter turn-out will drop. I think drastically.

That's it. That's all. No more RSU election coverage starting now.



Nicole said...

That Eyeopener article made zero sense to me .. I am also high.

But Sarah Turnbull doesn't rub me the right way.

Czobit said...

Why, oh, why? Nicole, never read The Eyeopener high.

Nicole said...

I really should have known better eh ... I didn't understand one sentance of that, but it's not like I'm gonna read the Eyeopener sober. Whateverrr.

I hate that paper.