Saturday, February 25, 2006

no frills

My Long, Dreaded Return

I guess it was only a matter of time before I wrote something here about the four years I spent at no frills. On Friday, someone from no frills called my house and left the message for me to pick up my T4 slip. My former employers are very thrifty when it comes to paying postage. And when you're dealing with probably 125-150+ T4s that belong to people who no longer work for you, you'd be crazy to go the post office and buy all of those stamps.

So as soon as I kick this cold, I will make the trek back to the store I left May 27, 2005. Since that time, I haven't been in there or in any no frills stores. I'm not sure why I've avoided a visit, but I think it has something to do with the way I was treated.

In four years, I never missed a shift, and averaged somewhere around 25 hours per week there. And yet, when it came to taking sides between new employees and my friend and me, we were labeled store bullies. We were responsible for the two-month turnovers, not the unprofessional management or the low pay or the ignorant and rude customers.

The first chance I had to leave the store for another job, I took. And I haven't looked back until this week.

I hear the store isn't doing well. Store traffic doesn't exist. Sales are hitting new lows. All this is after I left. I'm not taking credit for any of the store's misfortune, but I guess it proves I jumped off at the right time: before the ship started to sink.



kaitlyn said...

Legally, don't they have to mail you your T4 slip? I think they do. Tell them you're not going. Or that you're on vacation. Or make up some reason for them to shell out $0.50 on postage.

Czobit said...

I'm sure they're supposed to, but when you run a store as unprofessionally as that one, what's legal doesn't matter much.

But the good news is that my friend who still works there is going to grab the thing for me. I've been spared.