Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Ryerson Elections

It's That Time of Year Again

Let your indifference set in. I know: it's time to let my voice be heard; it's time to get out there and vote. But this is the Ryerson Student Union election, and it doesn't matter because a vote is worth nothing spectacular.

Last year, I voted for the first time in the RyeSac election (the most significant thing RyeSAC did this year was change their name to RSU), and I can't say it changed my Ryerson life in the smallest bit. The group of people I voted for won. Did they fulfill their promises? Maybe. I really don't know, because I don't remember what they promised.

And that's the best part about student union elections: nobody has the faintest clue what was promised and nobody expected any of those promises to be kept anyways.

So, take a look at the candidates, and make your picks. It means nothing anyways.



Anonymous said...

I think of Sarah Turnbull as kinda a bitch.


Czobit said...

She looks stuck up in her poster photo.


Kaitlyn said...

Are there any scandalous poster photos this year?

Czobit said...

Sadly, there haven't been any.

No scandals. No controversy. And nobody cares.

My guess, the "returning" group will win without any trouble.

Laura said...

but they all take themselves so seriously and get so worked up over so many issues. i say they sign up for a reality check and a big dose of lighten up.

dang, as much as it's ridiculous, i miss campus election time.

Czobit said...

Laura, you would have liked Nora's passionate speech to the journalism students.

It went something like, "We tried to accomplish (X) and (Y) this year. We failed, but we'll try to accomplish it next year if you vote for us."

Then she said that if we think the current executive sucks, the exec really want to hear it from us.

If only everyone took them up on that request ...