Thursday, February 16, 2006

Sports Notes

Four Medal Thursday

Canada kicked some ass in Torino today. We won two silver and two bronze, and now sit behind the U.S. in fifth-place for total medals with eight.

The best part, Jeff Buttle, who was counted out after finishing sixth in the men's short program, skated his way to a bronze. He had the second highest-score for the long program. I don't even watch figure skating but I did make an exception to see the replay of Buttle's performance. Good stuff.

Raptor Rodman?

The Raptors are either desperate for ticket sales or are taking a page from the Toronto Maple Leafs playbook. The Raptors have offered Dennis Rodman a try out. Will the Worm except the offer? Will the Raptors come to their senses and rescind the offer? Stay tuned.



kaitlyn said...

Rodman certainly is going international. He just finished a really great stint on British Celebrity Big Brother.

Yuck. I don't want him in Toronto.

Czobit said...

I doubt he'll accept the offer. Worm like him probably enjoy a warmer climate.

I also understand that he recently played a few games in a British league. I wonder if he played well considering he's at least 40.

Czobit said...

Oh, and no worries about Rodman playing in Toronto.

The Score, who reported that the Raptors had offered Rodman a try out, reported today that in fact, the Raptors haven't contacted Rodman.