Sunday, February 19, 2006

Sunday's Random

A Collection Of Unrelated Thoughts

At work, we get the Toronto Sun and the Toronto Star immediately after they've been printed. That's usually around 1 a.m. on Sunday mornings. Yesterday (or is that still today?) a person in another department was leafing through the Sun and with a sigh said, "It's all yesterday's news." I guess, after the many years he's been a journalist, the point of a newspaper is still lost on him.

I'm considering remaining in the newspaper stream. At the beginning of the year, I was considering making a switch to online, but a number of factors have come into play that I did not consider before. When I say "number of," I really mean only two: internship availability and the guinea-pig-factor of being the first students in the online stream.

If I did remain in the newspaper stream, I would grab power of the Ryersonian and make it readable. Later this week I might post what my plans would be.

My plans for the summer remain unknown. I'm not sure if I should apply for another internship or just try to guarantee full-time hours at CP. There's also an intriguing nine-day scholarship/trip thing in the summer that I'm almost positive I will apply for with fingers crossed.

Does Canada need to collectively pray for the men's hockey team to start playing like a team? Yesterday was an embarrassment.

And finally, aren't you amazed at how amazing the Olympic athletes are? Their athletic accomplishments are hard for me to wrap my head around. Just think how more amazing Olympic athletes will be when the first group of genetically-engineered Olympians perform.



Nicole said...

Dear Michael Czobit,

Please come to online with me? Or else please support me when I drop out of Ryerson by dropping quarters into my cup as I sit homeless on the street?


Czobit said...

Quarters are a bit too much to give away for free. You'd have to do a demoralizing dance to get one. Otherwise, it's pennies for you.