Thursday, February 23, 2006

U.K. Music

The Concert Line-Up

Sometime this week I'm supposed to post my plans for transforming Ryerson's school newspaper from The Snore-a-sonian to the, well, Ryersonian. Okay, I'll admit that whole sentence doesn't work, but I'm trying here. Give a guy a break.

And because it's much easier to write a list, I've written such a list of the concerts I have tickets to starting in late March. A look at the list reveals that most are U.K.-based bands, which means a) I've subconsciously chosen to go to many U.K. bands' concerts or b) many U.K.-based bands have chosen to come to Toronto within a short time frame.

Here's the list:

Mon. March 20 - Arctic Monkeys, Oasis
Tue. March 21 - James Blunt
Wed. March 22 - Richard Ashcroft, Coldplay
Sat. April 1 - Art Brut
Mon. April 17 - Franz Ferdinand (who I'm going for), Death Cab For Cutie

Haven't checked my account, but I think I'm near broke.



Kaitlyn said...

Michael, I am very jealous. The Arctic Monkeys just kind of exploded here recently, and their tour has been selling out all over the U.K. I tried, with no success, to snag some James Blunt tix in Bournemouth. And don't discount the Death Cab...I just got into them and am enjoying them quite a bit.

Have fun.

Nicole said...

When you see Oasis, will you sneak in a video recorder and record Wonderwall for me?

Laura said...

the mailman took my mom to see the arctic monkeys at lee's palace in the fall. how's THAT for weird?

Czobit said...

Nicole: I don't think that will be possible with the ACC's top-notch security.

Laura: That's very weird. Did your mom like the band?

Nicole said...

Then will you make a video of you singing Wonderwall for me?

Czobit said...

Not possible. Don't sing or make videos.