Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Vote Day

Because You Demanded It (Okay, You Didn't Even Ask For It), RSU Election Coverage!

I spent two minutes voting in the RSU election today. I'm not sure why.

The voting procedure changed this year. Because Whatshername (you know who I'm talking about), isn't the chief returning officer this year, walkie-talkies were absent from the voting booths.

So, how do they ensure that people aren't voting twice (hell, they're lucky they get anyone to vote once)? Well, you forget about voting privacy and use a two-envelope voting system.

Your ballots go into a small unmarked envelope, which is placed into a larger envelope that has your name and student number printed on the front. When they go to count, they tick off your name and put the smaller envelope in a separate pile to be counted.

Of course, there's always the possibility that someone can take a peak to find out who a student has voted for. Fortunately, it's unlikely anyone gives a damn.

Lame Ass Slogans

I had some spare time today to really study the campaign posters for this election. What's the common thread between all of them besides how bad the photos look photocopied? Yes, lame ass campaign slogans.

Here's one: "Put the U back into RSU." It would have been nice if this coalition of candidates could have come up with something that a high school cheerleading squad wouldn't reject.



I'm not sure what the punctuation is for this slogan, because this group decided that things like punctuation aren't necessary in campaign posters. I wonder if they think keeping lofty campaign promises are necessary to running a successful student union? Um, probably not.

The last one is from the so-called "returning" group, although only 50 per cent of them are running again. It is: "Ryerson Students United." It's a real clever play on the letters "R," "S," and "U." Unfortunately, it's bland, kind of like this whole election.



Nikita. said...

Remember that stupid cunt licking whore we had to deal with last year during the elections while filming out stupid fucking thing for TV? I hate TV. And I hate the Rye elections. And I hate Rye. I hate alot.

kaitlyn said...

lol, if it wasn't for whatshername though, you, nicole and i would not have banded together in a rageful second-year broadcasting team to combat the returning officers and their vengeful walkie talkies of doom.