Thursday, March 23, 2006

Concert Post

Richard Ashcroft & Coldplay

Ashcroft opened with a 55-minute set. He played mostly from the last Verve album and his new CD, both of which are very good and worth a listen. Midway through his set, I had the feeling that the audience probably didn't appreciate Ashcroft despite his indisputable talent. It wasn't until he performed "Bittersweet Symphony," the final song of his set, did everyone stand, cheer and sing along. Great opening act.


It's not often I get to see a music DVD before it makes it into stores. And when I say "not often," I do mean never. But tonight was different. After a week of, let's face it, spoiling myself with really great music, it came to the main event--the band I wanted to hear more than any other this week, Coldplay, who were filming this concert and one tonight for an upcoming DVD. Martin apologized for the cameras, said the band had auditioned audiences in many cities, and was afraid that we had come in number one.

Coldplay played a 95-minute set, and captured great moments and a great crowd for their eventual DVD. There were some things that won't make the cut--Martin changing his shirt on stage midway through the set and him swearing, admitting he had no more b.s. stories to tell.

Sitting 12 rows from the stage was, undoubtedly, a great view. You felt the music and the atmosphere. Best of the week. Hell, best I've ever seen. I'll be getting that DVD, yeah.


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