Saturday, March 25, 2006

End Game

Toronto's Season Dies On HNIC

After an agonizing 70 games, it looks now--for sure, without a doubt, no asterisk, no ifs, no buts--that the post-season is out of reach for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Except, after losing twice to the Habs this week, the Leafs are only seven points out of the final playoff spot and there will be a small contingent of fans who will still "Be-Leaf" (three weeks ago, someone outside Union was selling t-shirts with that on the front for $5).

But I'm through giving my time to this season's team. I've been a Leafs fan since I was eight. I've stood by the team's unsuccessful playoff runs, horrible trades and awful drafting. But I've been loyal too long to totally give up on them. Next season (Leaf fans always bring it up) is the team's chance to get young and get rid of the old players, who the fans may love, but have failed to win.

The team seems to be on the brink of self-destruction. Summer comes, it'll be time to make sure the job has been done.



nicole said...

Do you remember Mike Johnson (#20)? He was young ... and sexy. Then they traded him and my dad bought me a sympathy card.

Czobit said...

I remember Johnson. He was a marginal player, who was traded for the far superior Darcy Tucker. It was Pat Quinn's best trade while he was GM.

Johnson now plays in Phoenix and continues to be a marginal player.

nicole said...

Michael, you just broke my heart in 10 different ways.

Mike Johnson, if you're reading this ... I still love you.

Czobit said...

It's tough love. You have to come to grips with the fact that Johnson is overrated, and he's not even rated that high.

n.feenstra said...

I will never come to grips with that! I taped his appearance on Jonovision with Alyn McCauley and watched it when I was packing up my apartment in December.

Czobit said...

That's going back.

BTW, McCauley is a far superior player than Johnson.

Just letting you know.

n.f. said...

Yeah he was cute too ... but he got a lot of concussions I think.

The Jonovision tape is old. Remember Emily Walters who was in our first year reporting class? She told me that she was in the audience with bright blue hair and I found her.

Czobit said...

You're right on McCauley. His concussion problems nearly ended his career. But he's recovered and become one of the best defensive centres in the NHL. He's a free agent next season, I hope the Leafs seriously take a run at him. It was a huge mistake trading him.