Thursday, March 02, 2006

End: Nigh

The Last Days Of School

I had a look at the final exam schedule today. Actually, for me, it's the final final exam schedule, because after this semester, I'm finished writing final exams. There may be tests, but no more final exams. Ever. That's right, I'm going to say it again, because it feels so good: April 18, 2006 will be the last time I ever write a final exam.

Of course, this good news is somewhat hampered by the fact that the exam is Philosophy of Love and Sex. And it's at 8 a.m. And the night before, I'll be at the Franz Ferdinand concert. And I know I won't study for the damn thing.

Loose Ends

29-12: my record of staying awake in class after this week.

Quotation of the week: "What do you think makes rape a bad thing?" Philosophy of Love and Sex professor, today.


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