Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Miscellany

And I Want You To Know/I've Got My Mind Made Up Now/But I Need More Time

Could I please make up my mind? Now?

Just one post below, I wrote off online. I said later it was a sinking ship. But somehow, that ship is being patched up in my mind. Could I take the plunge?

This is after an excruciating copy editing class. I forgot everything I learned last semester, and couldn't figure out the in-class assignment. So I faked it. And I got by. But for me, I want to learn how to do it right and not just rely on b.s.-ing my way through the work.

'Cause sometimes that doesn't work.

Oh Be Joyful

For the last two-and-a-half years, my strategy for taking all of my exams has been to bullshit my way through 'em. It's worked magically up until the Philosophy of Love & Sex mid-term.

My mark on the exam, which is shamefully low, was my worst since I nearly failed my first two math tests in Grade 12. I eventually recovered, and pushed my average to the mid-80s from 55.

To do that in this course, I will need to be near perfect in my essay and final exam. Normally I don't fret about journalism course marks -- as long as I've learned something, it's good. But there's no way I'm letting a crap (non-journalism) course like this sink my GPA.

Breaking News: The Trading Deadline Was Boring

If anyone foolishly watched the seven hours plus of NHL trading deadline coverage, I feel sorry for you: this was one of the most uneventful deadlines in years.

The only blockbuster deal was made on Wednesday night. The trades today were relatively small and not interesting. And that's not because the Leafs didn't make any deals besides replace an old defenseman with an older one.

None of the deals made today will change what happens in the playoffs. Deadline deals rarely do.

Number 7

My team, AC Milan, continued its winning ways in Champions League play this week. And Sheva scored his eighth in eight games. It was the winner.

Is Scientology The Answer?

I received a flyer for The Church of Scientology of Toronto last week:


The Church of Scientology of Toronto offers for limited time free intelligence and personality tests. Your IQ, personality and aptitude determine your future. Know them. No obligations.

Interested parties, go here.

Magazine Rack

I read far too many magazines. I could list them, but who’d be interested in that? Really, the list is long. Long.

But one of the magazines I’ve found interesting lately, New York, is available free online. And not just one or two stories, but the whole thing. Gotta like that.

Cowboy Cool

I was just talking to Laura the other day about cowboy boots. And now this article pops up at the New York Times.

On a somewhat related note, I wish I had more free time now so I could watch Sam Peckinpah's The Legendary Westerns Collection dvd boxset I bought last week. My good friend Pevere gave the thumbs up on this set.

Quotation of the Night

"You guys bonded and almost became friends."
--Ryan Seacrest on American Idol.



kaitlyn said...

There's something to be said for owning a closet full of westernwear. Or at least a token cowboy/girl outfit. In Alberta, there's a chain of westernwear stores called Lammles' Western Wear. You're a pretty lame Calgarian if you've never purchased anything there.

Czobit said...

If I'm ever in Calgary, I'll have to check the place out.

At Vaughn Mills, there's this western clothing shop. Some cool stuff, but who buys cowboy clothes in Ontario?

kaitlyn said...

the same people who buy cowboy clothes in england, i bet. i saw a very strange westernwear store in bournemouth the other day.

Kerry said...

Copy editing is death, but it's not going to be enough to get me into online, I don't think. New post ahead.

Czobit said...

Kaitlyn, it seems Bournemouth embraces the strange. But this store might not be too far off. I mean, there are all of those British Westerns.

Okay, maybe not.


Kerry, you're finally seeing the light. ;)