Friday, March 24, 2006

Oh, Fantasia!

But How's She Gonna Read The Script?

If you haven't heard, then I'll tell you. Lifetime, obviously one of America's classiest TV stations, is making a film about Fantasia Barrino--the inspirational American Idol winner.

It's "the story of how she overcame sexual abuse, poverty and illiteracy to win the Fox TV talent competition's third season, create a double platinum album and grab four 2006 Grammy nominations."

Fantasia will play herself, which finally makes Paula Abdul's claim true that Fantasia is a movie star. You might cynically think that Fantasia has no acting skills, but there isn't a need to worry: she's been putting on an act ever since season three of Idol.

I assume that most of the film will be culled from her fantastic "auto"-biography, Life Is Not a Fairy Tale. It's a novel, er, I mean non-fiction thriller that I couldn't put down. Two parts heart-warming, eight parts vomitocious. I've read it twice, though, and it's taught me quite a bit.

The main thing I've learned is that all of my problems can be solved by winning a televised singing contest. It's a goal that I'm working towards today. You might cynically think, "But, Mike, you have a horrible singing voice." To that, I would reply: "It didn't stop Fantasia."



Nicole said...

Of all the American Idols, I liked her least ... Rueben is a close 2nd, but he's non existant now. Kelly is still the best.

Czobit said...

Yeah, Clarkson is the best of the bunch.