Monday, March 06, 2006

Online Stream

The Decision Is Made

After months of waiting, we finally got to see the plans on paper for the online stream. I know if I applied, I'd probably get into the stream with no trouble. But, just because I can, doesn't mean I will.

Here's where the stream lost me:

Online internship: you’ll work for six weeks at an online (or wire) information service such as Reuters and CanWest Interactive. These will be set up by the instructor, based on input from the student.

I don't have any desire to work for free at a place where I wouldn't learn anything new.

Last year, I was almost certain I would be leaving the print stream to go to the online stream. But I was also certain, at some point last year, that I would be going to the magazine stream. That didn't happen. And neither will a move to the online stream.



kaitlyn said...

just spent an hour and a half completely re-doing my resume. maybe taking online would save me an internship? but then i'd have to html stuff again, and that would be disastrous.

Czobit said...


I hope you're not serious.
You'd still be doing an internship, but it'd be one where you sit at a desk and upload stories on to the Internet. Like what I do at CP, which is nice and fine, but I get paid.

A TV or radio internship would be a million times more exciting, even if you're just pulling around cables.

Yes, now I'm against online. But with five more weeks of copy editing to go, who knows? You know.

Nicole said...

Well, after reading the course description I'm not as sure as I was about applying for online ... and now the others are jumpin' ship. I'm going to be the only one on the masthead soon...

kaitlyn said...

kidding, of course.

can you imagine, me and the html, duking it out every day? i don't internet well.

am looking very forward to pulling around the cables for six weeks though.

Czobit said...

Nicole, online is a sinking ship before it ever set sail.

And good thing you were kidding, Kaitlyn. The cables will always be more fun.

Kerry said...

Getting the application information got me thinking about doing it again. Then I e-mailed Joyce to ask whether we'd have a choice about when we could do our internships. That was the day the application information was released. I haven't heard a damn thing.

Czobit said...

That's nice to know. You would think that important info like this would be quickly relayed back to you.

Guess not.