Monday, March 27, 2006

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Thoughts Without Order

The school year is coming to an end. I'm on Week Eleven, and most of my assignments should be finished within the next 10 days. I can't say I'll miss any of it.


In Love & Sex today, we handed in our essays (mine was shoveled from a bull's toilet) and we had a discussion about homosexuality. The professor peddled facile arguments for and against homosexuality. The overlying theme was that homosexuals are persecuted, which was no revelation.

I can't understand a person who would judge someone based on that person's sexual orientation. Get on with your fucking life and stop worrying about someone else's.


In Love & Sex today, I obviously didn't listen to the lecture. Instead I read an article on racism written by some loser from the white supremacist website (that's not a link to their site, btw). The argument in the article is that whites are asked to kill their own race to help other races, and this is wrong. I'll admit, the writer makes a compelling argument until you realize that he's out of his fucking mind, which takes little time to realize.

Stormfront's goals are summarized below:

Most of the members of Stormfront say that they are opposed to any form of "race-mixing" between the human races and support various forms of racism. The articles posted there often denounce non-white immigration and strongly advocate such views as white nationalism, white supremacy, white separatism, anti-Semitism, anti-Islamic sentiment, and anti-homosexuality and such feelings as white pride.

Unfortunately, I wouldn't say there's been a lack of success for any of those goals. For me, there is only one race on earth and it isn't defined by skin colour or religion. But I'm an idealistic fool.


You see those three stars above? I got slammed in one of my journalism assignments by an unnamed professor, because she said a newspaper likely wouldn't use them. Funny, I remember the Globe, the Star, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times using them. But see, those papers live in the Here and Now.

This is another reassurance that a move to online was a good idea where I can avoid old conventions and writing stories that read like boring wire copy.


In Love & Sex today, the prof said that Ryerson was an enlightened crowd. Oops, sorry for making you spit your drink all over your computer.

Most of my non-journalism courses have been plagued by a lack of intelligence and enlightenment. And those are the better ones. Worse, after listening to a conversation between some first-year journalism students in my Punishment class, I think the lack of intelligence has spread to the freshmen j-skool crowd.


When do I shut up? Right now.



nnnnicole said...

Michael, I'm a homophobe, racist AND I lack intellegence ... can we still be friends?

Czobit said...


Mather said...


I have to agree about our philosophy class. Those girls drive me insane, hence my absence this week (actually I was busy writing an essay). Anyway, just thought I'd share my belief that anyone can get into Ryerson. Even me.

Czobit said...

I feel sorry for those girls, because they really have no understanding of journalism and the business.

One girl, on Monday, was telling her friend how she was going to the sports day conference, but didn't really want to because she doesn't want to do sports broadcasting. She spoke as if getting a job as a sports broadcaster is as simple as going to a conference about it.