Thursday, March 16, 2006

Reverse Decision

This Time, It's For Real

It appears I'm nothing more than a flip-flopper. I've changed my mind several times on whether to go to online or stay in print. But today, I declare a decision has been reached.

I'm not sure exactly why I've spent as much time as I have making this decision. The old rule from last year still applies: it doesn't matter which stream you're in. My decision last year was based solely on which stream would offer the least amount of work. That's the truth. Whether print actually does have the least amount of work, who can say for sure? No person has ever completed all three streams.

My decision for next year is based on a number of reasons. But I will cite only two here.

First, my ideal Ryersonian, as detailed in another post, is me obviously dreaming. There's no way as managing editor or not that I would actually get to change the tired, boring, ineffective, doomed-forever-and-always to be boring, Ryersonian style.

Second, I'd rather have fun in my final year, and considering the paragraph above, fun won't be an option in print.

Raise its hand, the online stream wins this bout. And there are no rematches.

Throw The Radio Out The Window

Pink has a new album coming out in April. It's called, "I'm Not Dead" - no, that's only what we wished.

The Drought Is Over

I told Kaitlyn this week that I was taking notes in Philosophy of Love & Sex. She asked if they were actual notes or just quotations for this blog. Surprisingly, I'm taking actual notes.

But Kaitlyn's question made me think back to the last time the professor of that horrible class last said something brow raising. And I couldn't remember when that was. Had the professor reformed her ways? Was she now saying things that made sense? Or was I not paying attention to her inane comments?

The answers to those questions come from today's class:

"I'm so glad to hear about this new group. There's so many. There are bisexuals, heterosexuals, homosexuals. Now there's a group, they're asexuals. Such people are possible people."

"I think the moral of the story is..."

"The fact that you stopped moaning makes it pretty clear."

"There's lots of things you can do besides humping. We don't just do it like dogs, right?"

I know, it's only 16 more hours, but someone, please save me.

The Weekly Stats

Awake record through March 16, 2006: 37-18 (67%)

2 essays left
2 features left
1 profile left
2 articles left
2 exams left



Nicole said...

"Who can say for sure."

Hmmmmm... using my cross-blog detective skills I think I can say for sure hahah

Czobit said...

Hey, there are seven more days before the application is due. I've changed my mind even when I said I wouldn't, so, nothing is for sure.