Thursday, March 30, 2006

Round Up

The Post Where I Summarize Some Things From The Week

And so goes Week 11. Not as busy as I thought it would be.

On tap this weekend, two Eyeopener stories to finish writing, a resumé to update, a letter to write, and some other shit that's getting too long to talk about in this sentence.

But the year is almost finished, and then it will be four months of summer spent in an office. Today, I also signed up for a 13-hour shift in said office in two Sundays. Still not sure what I was thinking.

My Was-Conscious-In-Class record through this week is 44-23 (66 per cent), which isn't great for the average student, but I haven't been able to stay awake in class since first year, so it's a passable record.

Laura, who woke me up in most of my classes last semester, was back in Toronto today. Great to have lunch with her, and get caught up. I'm going to try to work out some excursion to London this summer.


Right now, I've had Richard Ashcroft's solo albums on a seemingly endless loop. Ashcroft, best known for "Bittersweet Symphony," is, and I have said this before here, probably the most under-appreciated singer/song writer in music today. I've never heard him played once on Canadian radio or on MuchMusic.

If you (whoever 'you' is) wants a free sample, I got something that'll do the trick.

Book Review

Seems like an interesting book.

Britney Spears

A clear sign this blog may be headed to hell is that I'm writing about Britney Spears. If you have been fortunate to miss the story about her nude sculpture, below, then you're lucky.

Here's how Britney Spears responded to the sculpture on her website:

"Just like the false tabloids, Daniel Edwards got it all wrong," wrote Ms. Spears. "I delivered Sean Preston in the hospital, as everybody with a computer knows. I realize there are a lot of people who envy me for how rich and happy I am, but I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps they confused making babies with delivering them.

"I admit I was in that [doggy] position when Sean Preston was conceived, but only because I was too drunk to stand up like Kevin prefers. Furthermore, we weren't doing it on a bear rug. I was wearing the rug because we had just gotten back from a costume party."

That sounds about right.



Kerry said...

Mr. Czobit,

The official word is that you can make your voting intentions known by telephone tomorrow, should you be all right with Dominique (and only Dominique, who I can say is a trustworthy individual) knowing your voting intentions. She would be happy to accept your votes between 10 and 5 p.m. tomorrow, and can be reached at 416-979-5262 ext. 2.

For security and ethical reasons, voting will only take place tomorrow, but you can vote without physically being here. And I believe she is willing to allow e-votes as well, though phone is preferable because anyone could feasibly use your e-mail account.

The speeches went well. Mine was, surprisingly, without incident. Huh.

kaitlyn said...

Britney Spears, ew.

They've been making quite a big deal of Ashcroft here in the UK on Radio 1 -- they even gave away a trip to see the show that you saw! Everyone I know in England is jealous of you.

nicole said...

You know if you go to London, you have to take the 45 min - hour long drive down the 402 to Wyoming right??

I saw that news story about Britney last week and don't think it looks like her. I wish I could the back end hahaha. Poor Britney. I still love her.

Czobit said...

Thanks for the heads up, Kerry. I'll be making my call a little later. How does it feel to be the business editor now?


Canadian radio should take a cue from Radio 1, Kaitlyn. It's unrealistic to think a station would play Ashcroft's single every hour (and that only kills songs, anyways), but a playing it just two or three times more than never couldn't hurt.

Before the concert, Ashcroft was interviewed by the Edge, who more or less said he was a one-hit wonder. Surprisingly, given his previous reputation, he said that's all right. He wants to build on it.

I'm not sure what his current single in the U.K., but Ashcroft said at the concert that "Music Is Power" is the next one "don't won't get played in Canada." A bit of the Wigan humour, I guess.


Apparently on the other end, Nicole, is the head of Britney's child, which is another reason that thing needs a sledge hammer taken to it.

nicole said...

Well I think the statue is strange ... which is why I wanted to see the backend. Imagine how that must look!?

Czobit said...

It's the most bizarre thing I've seen in a while. The whole pose is puzzling.