Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Stephen Brunt

A Guest Speaker Worth Listening To

In reporting today, Stephen Brunt of the Globe and Mail was our guest. Of all of the guest speakers I've had to (for the most part) suffer through, Brunt was the most entertaining, captivating and re-energizing.

What I mean by re-energizing is that while Brunt has been in the business for more than 20 years, his enthusiasm for journalism hasn't turned into bitter resentment for his profession.

After listening to him for two hours, I was able to put aside my problems with journalism, put aside my problems with the journalist's lifestyle, and feel that I can do this thing for some time.

The last time I felt this way wasn't too long ago. It was, shockingly, in a Critical Issues class when the Star's Richard Ouzanian was a guest. I seem to get down on journalism more quickly looking through the kaleidescope of gloom and doom that is the Critical Issues course.

I'm not looking to save the world, which according JRN301, should be my job.


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