Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Um, WTF?

So, Yeah, This Has Been Edited Because I don't Even Know What The Hell I Was Saying

I think I need an editor. One who tells me immediately when I've written non-sensical rubbish. The one that reacts six hours later, well, he's fired.

Not sure how many people read my non-sensical rubbish, but I apologize. Unless the thought eases your worries, I wasn't under the influence of anything. Really.


"Whoa, Did You See That Dunk?" "No. Actually, I'm On Page 63. The Book Is Really Gettimg Good Now."

After a day of working the phones and praying that there'd be a voice on the other end, I went to the Raptors game. Obviously, I expected the Raptors to lose (and they don't disappoint) because they had won two games in a row before tonight's game. But a free game is a free game, and a change of pace from working the phones.

And while this is the Raptors, and we all know how woeful they are, I was bit surprised to see what happened. No, not a comeback victory--Sunday's was a fluke. But in my row, a girl was reading a book. This book.

Fine, it's the Raptors. They're horrible. But reading a book? Come on, you don't need to go to a basketball game to read a book. I'm guessing she's the kind of person who pulls out a flashlight in a theatre with the film rolling to read Tribute magazine.


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