Saturday, March 11, 2006

Wish List

The Latest And Greatest In Awesome, Must-Own Trinkets and Gadgets

If you're like me, then you obviously demand that all of your birthday and Christmas gifts come from the Hedonics catalogue. And sure, my birthday may be months away. And then Christmas is another month after that, but I've already started my wish list this year.

What's that? You want to know what's on it? Fabulous, 'cause I thought I'd share a bit.


Smiley Forest Faces... Give Your Trees a Personality!

Now you can give your favourite tree a fun, wacky expression with these Forest Faces and add a whimsical personality to the trees in your garden or backyard. Crafted of weather resistant resins, each is tinted to blend with natural tree bark and has a wire loop that lets you mount each piece with a small nail or wood screw.

Commentary: I have many trees in my backyard. But they look so sad. I definitely want at least eight of these. Is $20 too much to put a smile on tree? Hell, no!


Monitor Food from up to 100 Feet Away!

Now you can monitor the grill or oven while lounging or working in the yard. Our Remote Cooking Thermometer & Timer monitors the temperature of grilled and roasted meats from anywhere in or outside the house, up to 100 feet away, then alerts you when it's done. Never overcook your food again, simply carry the receiver with you. Requires four AAA batteries (included), measures 4.25" x 2".

Commentary: You're probably cynically thinking why the hell would you barbecue from 100 feet way? Well, just imagine the convenience of being able to cook your dinner in between taking a stroll around the block? You're being double productive! And the $50 tag is a steal


Be the Life of Any Party with our Portable, Lightweight Baby Grand

This fully functional electric piano rolls up to a compact size for easy travel... even backpacking. Now you can practice & play anywhere you go. With 16 instrument sounds, 10 demo songs, 99 rhythms and 3 full octaves of playing range, the Roll-a-Piano gives you the flexibility to create your own tunes when on the move. Equipped with a built-in speaker, volume control and headphone output. Whether your taste runs to ragtime or Chopin, popular or oldies, these are the ivory keys for you. Requires four AA batteries, not included. 24"L open; Rolls up to a compact 5" x 5".

Commentary: Do I even have to explain this? Tell me you've never felt the urge to bust out a piano from your back pocket and play a little tune and I'll call you a liar. Seeing this is music to my eyes.


Wall Safe

Here's one place even the smartest thief is unlikely to look...even if he knows that you have one. The hidden wall safe installs into any wall and looks identical to all the other electrical outlets in your home... only you know which one is a safe. This personal vault conceals 2"D x 2.5"W of space to secure money, jewelry, or other valuables. Simply insert the special included key to release the locking bar and gain access to your valuables.

Commentary: I feel so Batman thinking about this. Why would I trust a bank with my valuables when I can put them all in a 2x2.5 hole in my wall? Huh? Yeah, I'd be nuts to ever consider going to a bank again. My pocket change and fake pearl necklaces will always be safe!

So, what do you think? If I just got one of these, it'd be my best birthday/Christmas gift ever.



kaitlyn said...

I was thinking about picking up the portable piano when I go backpacking at the end of the month.

Czobit said...
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Czobit said...

That makes sense.

Sure, the classic backpacking musical instruments would maybe be something from the string family (an old accoustic guitar, or my personal favourite, the banjo) or maybe a harmonica.

But a baby grand, roll-up-in-your-pocket piano beats everything.

Czobit said...

The one deleted above was for a grammatical error. I'm no censor.