Saturday, April 22, 2006

Earth Day

A Hero Comes Back?

Good timing for a U.S. cable channel to have a marathon of never-before-seen episodes of Captain Planet.

You remember him, right? That theme song that went,

Captain Planet, he's our hero,
Gonna take pollution down to zero,
He's our powers magnified,
And he's fighting on the planet side

Doesn't jog your memory? Does this?

In the article linked above, it says people are petitioning for Captain Planet's return. I wouldn't be opposed to it for the kids. If you've seen Vanity Fair's Green Issue, or looked out the window, or smelled Sewer Ontario, then you know the environment isn't it looking so hot.



Kerry said...

For some reason, the episode of Captain Planet that I remember the most wasn't about the environment at all. It was about this random kid who was HIV-positive and it sent his entire community into a frenzy because they didn't know the difference between HIV and AIDS.

The villains in this particular episode were two giant rats in trenchcoats who convinced the fans at the boy's school basketball game to boo him because they thought he had AIDS.

Captain Planet showed up, scolded everyone and told them that it was impossible to get AIDS from toilet seats.

I have no idea why I remember that.

nicole said...

I liked that show ... the kids with their little power rings.

Czobit said...

Haha. Kerry, I wish I remembered that episode because the message in it is important. Captain Planet, he is my hero.

Nicole, who didn't love that show? The theme song was so catchy.