Monday, April 10, 2006

Philosophy Mondays

All Done Now

It's Week Thirteen now, which means saying good bye to my courses, most of which were dreadful. Class on Mondays, Philosophy Mondays, as I called them, was different.

The first class, Punishment, was interesting with barely any work to speak of. The one problem was the early 8 a.m. slot, which forced me to wake up far too early for a Monday. Another problem was the low level of intelligence common among many of my, gulp, peers. I'm not suggesting I'm a genius (just read this blog, you'll see), but intelligent conversation was centralized among a small set of individuals in that class. Of course, I said nothing, because it wasn't required of me. Somehow, I'll end with a nice participation mark, though.

The second class, Love & Sex, I've written about several times before. I have one final hour of that dreck, and an exam. Not to mention, I need to read something from the course reader; reading page one will be a good start.

And because I know nobody is tired of me writing about Love & Sex, I'll write some more. The professor is the worst I've ever had. I cannot stand her. One thought runs through my mind as she lectures. It's four words. It's not kind.

Besides this professor's inhuman ability to go no more than two sentences without using the words "right" and "okay," she does something else that pisses me off. She patronizes the entire class. To be patronized is one of two things I hate most (someone telling me what I'm thinking is the other). And this professor does it with a tone of voice that makes me feel she thinks she's lecturing a group of deaf, castrated and mentally retarded chimpanzees, all wearing dunce caps. Two examples:

"That's a direct quote. That's why I put it in quotation marks."

"Cyber space is global."

Thank you for reminding me of both of those things. I forgot: I'm a fucking idiot.

The other thing that pisses me off is that this professor has brought up what a "reasonable person" would do. What a reasonable person would do? She can't be serious. This is philosophy--there's no fucking 'reason' involved. If you're talking reason, then you're talking common sense. If you're talking common sense, then you're talking morals. It isn't Morals Mondays, it's Philosophy Mondays. She ought to stick to what's in the calendar, 'cause nobody gives a shit about what she has to say about morality.

One more hour, one more hour...



Kerry said...

I forgot about this; I had most likely purged it from my memory to prevent myself from going insane. Unfortunately, I remembered it recently and, well, I'm not sure why I'm sharing it (it's that disturbing) but since we've had many a Kornegay-bashing session, I'll share it anyhow:

She once forced her Paris Hilton impression upon us. Sometimes I wake up screaming...

Czobit said...

Painful memory, for sure.

Kerry said...

"Aristotle used these criteria as the base of what he called 'the good life,' okay? Now, who in contemporary society would you say lives 'the good life?'"

"Paris Hilton?"

"That's hot."

It was up there in terms of pure disturbing quality with the time Shelley said 'dildo' and part of me died.

Czobit said...

Oh, gawd. I forgot about Shelley and 'dildo.' That's enough to make you consider a new profession.