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"Up With Grups*"

A New York piece on a new breed of parent:

He owns eleven pairs of sneakers, hasn’t worn anything but jeans in a year, and won’t shut up about the latest Death Cab for Cutie CD. But he is no kid. He is among the ascendant breed of grown-up who has redefined adulthood as we once knew it and killed off the generation gap... More.

"The Ground Zero Grassy Knoll"

Another New York piece on a always a fun topic: conspiracy theories. This time, it's 9/11:

Now here we are again, contemplating the seemingly unthinkable events of September 11. An official explanation has been offered up: The nation was attacked by the forces of radical Islam led by Osama bin Laden and his Al Qaeda jihadists. Again, this narrative has been accepted by many.

But not all... More.

"Matt Kennedy, 101, Dies; Stalwart of Coney Island"

I've never been to Coney Island, but I'll be damned if I hadn't heard it mentioned more times than I can count in stories set in New York:

But as Coney Island deteriorated in the 1970's, as businesses deserted and crime raged, Mr. Kennedy's tales of seeing Theodore Roosevelt during a 1912 visit lost relevance. From his dreary office with window bars and paint-chipped walls at 15th Street and Surf Avenue, he led the struggle, often alone, to rescue Coney Island — or at least to remind people that the fabled playground still existed... More.

"After Luck With Poker, ESPN Bets on New York Dominoes"

Television gets more boring:

The games almost always draw spectators, so perhaps it is no surprise that the ESPN sports network has declared dominoes the next big spectator sport and is promoting it as both a colorful cultural touchstone and a highly competitive game, complete with rankings, formal tournaments, celebrity events and sponsors... More.

"Aaron's Ultimate Challenger May Be a Natural After All"

Now Bonds will have to increase his drug use:

But considering the curious way Bonds has improved his home-run hitting late in his career, baseball may be better off if he merely rents the record. Years from now, the owner may be the Yankees' Alex Rodriguez, who has never been linked to performance-enhancing drugs and has a renowned work ethic... More.

"A Fruit's Stand"

I remember Fiona Possell. She's the helpful Pom Wonderful media person who promised me an interview only to avoid answering my emails for two weeks. I'm not the Times, I guess. But here's the story from the New York Times Magazine, which I essentially wrote last year. And for the record, that's right--I beat the NY Times Magazine by one year(!):

The company insisted on making pure pomegranate juice, even if that meant it had to be refrigerated in grocery stores (otherwise it turns brown) and on associating the drink with fruit, not with other beverages. The Pom-backed research took all this to a level that no doubt fueled many stories about pomegranates in the last few years, and that's sort of the point: the company didn't aim to glom onto a pomegranate trend but to create one... More.

I'm Guessing They Won't Be Selling Any 'Fruit Explosion' Muffins For A While

"One person is dead after an explosion inside a Tim Hortons in the downtown core Sunday afternoon... ." The rest is here.

The rumour I over heard in an office was that the dead man strapped himself with explosives.

Then the jokes began:

"There was a second explosion. It was a double-double." (Weak, I know)

"They're not sure if he's a Canadian, an American or a Dutchie."

"He rolled up the rim, and it said, 'Boom!'"

"He couldn't have met a Crueller fate."


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