Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Seat 915

And Then There Was One

Where did the time go? It's Tuesday, April 18, 2006, 15 to noon, and I've stepped into the last year of school. Of course, marks still need to be distributed, but everything else is finished. Good night, Year Three. You meant well, but you fizzled in the end.

Speaking of marks, after getting back my essay for Love & Sex, it's become apparent that barring a miracle, I will finish with my lowest mark in a course since my days in juvie. And I'm a Leafs fan, so I don't believe in miracles. I don't think I wrote a good essay, but I didn't appreciate Professor Okayright addressing a comment to "Michael." Who is Michael? Huh, 'cause if I stood beside her, she wouldn't know my name. So, no. It's not Michael, Professor Okayright.

Incidentally, today was my last exam ever. I'll miss them...Just wait... I need to take a moment to compose myself. So emotional... uh... Okay. I'm better.

It was Love & Sex in the Metro Toronto Convention Centre at 8 a.m. I was Seat 915. Because of an emergency at the MTCC, everyone had to evacuate the building and the exam was post-poned until 9 a.m. This gave a chance to individuals with presumably small genitalia to yell and scream for everyone to leave. Power: give someone a little, and they'll think they have a lot.

Concert miniPost: Franz Ferdinand

Good, good set by the Scottish band. The type of band who's a lot better live than on disc, which is actually saying a lot in this case.

That's it? I said it was a miniPost.



His Better Half said...

"And I'm a Leafs fan, so I don't believe in miracles."

Best quote ever.

nicole said...

Who is "His Better Half".
I read her journal and she loves to talk about sex more than I do. You have quite an array of friends.