Monday, May 29, 2006

The Bandwagoners

Bleeding Blue and Bronze

I'm offended. That shouldn't come as any great surprise to regular readers of this weblog. I guess that a statistical analysis of my posts here would reveal that the majority of them are on something that offends me. The latest thing that does just that are the scores of Edmonton Oiler "fans" who are pulling for the team to win its sixth Stanley Cup.

When I write "fans," I'm writing about the people who before these playoffs cared little about the Edmonton Oilers. Now the team is a winner, and now the team has many more fans. It's disgusting.

The idea that people should cheer for the Oilers because they're the remaining club based in Canada is ridiculous: I should quit being loyal to the team I regularly cheer for because a team I would regularly jeer has a chance to win a championship?

Is loyalty just a word that has no meaning or value?

The playoffs guarantee two things: one, a champion will be crowned; two, people will jump on that champion's bandwagon. The bandwagoners can cheer all they want for the Edmonton Oilers, but they should remember that if the Oilers win the Cup, the win is meaningless to them beyond one night of empty celebration. Victory's greatest meaning only comes with a long-term investment.



Kerry said...

The hiatus is almost entirely because of the rather stunning influx of CBC people who keep finding my blog. And since I can't remember whether or not I wrote anything embarrassing, I'm just going to let it sit for a while and hope no one else comes across it.

Kerry said...

Also, I just need a break.

nicole said...

Gooooo Team Canada!!

Czobit said...

That makes sense, Kerry. I always consider CP when I post. I'll save all the dirt for when I'm working elsewhere.

And Nicole, Team Canada doesn't play in the NHL.

Kerry said...