Monday, May 22, 2006

Book Post

Angels & Demons, Dan Brown


Angels & Demons
is awful.

That's about as succinct as I can write it. On every page with every plot twist, Dan Brown takes the clich├ęd, expected way out. Nothing in his novel surprises, because it's all been done before.

The plot--create something so evil it unites all people--has been written better in other books. The first 400 pages drag because of Brown's grammatically incorrect prose (since when should you use a verb as a noun?). The last 170 show Brown's ability to write a thriller full of cheesy plot twists (that are more ridiculous in succession) and failed research (since when could a person win a Pulitzer for camera work?).

Each character is two-dimensional. Robert Langdon plays a Harvard professor in the U.S. and an action hero in Italy. At no point, does Brown give a reason to care about Langdon. Brown tries with a hokey survival story from Langdon's past, but Brown fails.

The female lead, Vittoria Vetra, is particularly horrible and typical. Brown describes Vetra as being "tall with chestnut skin and long black hair... Her face was unmistakably Italian--not overly beautiful, but possessing full, early features that even at twenty yards seemed to exude a raw sensuality." Of course, that's not really much of a description, so Brown adds, "her clothes clang, accentuating her slender torso and small breasts" (I added the emphasis because that's the detail that allowed me to finally picture Vetra; it's a crucial detail).

Brown writes about miracles in Angels & Demons. But the only miracle I can think of after reading this book is the miracle of Brown still having a book deal after this trash was published.



NICOLE said...

hahahah ... I'm pretty sure the Da Vinci Code is worse. Wait until you read the way he writes ... its painful. I'm reading it for a second time and I forgot how much he sucks at writing ...

Czobit said...

I'm not surprised. Nicole, read Angels & Demons for a laugh and a cry.