Thursday, May 11, 2006

Dr. Phil

He Can't Be Serious

I've never watched an episode of Dr. Phil. I've seen parts of it; I've seen his books in stores. So, I know what he's about and I don't care for it.

Today, I had the unfortunate experience of being within earshot of Dr. Phil. He talked his usual smack: telling people how to live their lives; living in his self-righteous existence.

But what got me was the subject of his episode today: Buddinskies. Yes, Dr. Phil was telling nosy people off for their habit of budding into other people's lives. The irony of this entire episode was obviously lost on Dr. Phil, who must believe so whole-heartedly in his own bullshit, that he can't even see that his whole life is based on being a Buddinsky.

Sure, the argument will go that these morons who line up to be guests on his show are asking for Dr. Phil to offer his expertise in expressing common sense, but that doesn't change that Dr. Phil is an arrogant jackass.

Here's some unwanted (it's only fitting) advice for Dr. Phil: once, just once, watch an episode of your show so you'll realize how hatable you are.


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