Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Future

Post #86

If you count from the beginning, this is post #86 of The Michael Czobit Blog (thanks for reading, by the way). How far that's from the end, I'm not sure, because I can't predict the future. And yet, I'm sometimes expected to predict the future.

I was asked today if I wanted a full-time job at Canadian Press after I graduate next year. The question stumped me, because I never really thought in terms of definite plans about my future after graduation. I'm not a long-term-goal-oriented person. I never set a goal to get my part-time job at Canadian Press; the job sort of just happened. Before that, I worked at Coles--another place I never thought I'd work at. Sure, I handed in a resumé, but I didn't think beyond that.

I can think of only one long-term goal I have ever set and that was to get into Ryerson's journalism program. I worked on getting there, but didn't think about anything I would do once I did get there. I didn't think I'd write for any of the school papers, meet the people I met, or interview any of the people I interviewed. It all sort of just happens. No grand scheme, no masterplan.

So what I want in 12 months and where I'll be? I'm not sure of either. I'm not worried, though; you know what the say about the best laid plans.



Newsandseduction said...

Happen to found your blog. It is interesting.

Czobit said...


nicole said...

So are you going to take the full time job? That's the job I want when I graduate if I can't make it as a country housewife.

Czobit said...

I should have made this clear in the post: I wasn't offered a full-time job. A summer replacement employee asked if I wanted to work at CP after I graduate.