Sunday, May 07, 2006


Steve Nash Does It Again

I cringed as I watched Kobe Bryant score a last second basket for the Lakers in game four of L.A.'s series with the Phoenix Suns. I cringed because Bryant, a selfish egomaniac, had given his team a 3-1 lead in the best-of-seven series with the Suns.

After he scored, Bryant pumped his fist in the air--making sure to look like the cocky jackass most think he already is--and the L.A. crowd rejoiced. It was an L.A. overtime, come-from-behind victory and Steve Nash and his Suns now had the hard job of winning three in a row to stay alive in the playoffs.

The story for me wasn't Bryant's last second heroics; when you have an eight-figure salary you should make those game-winning shots. The story for me was the missed call near the end of the game that took away the ball from Nash and essentially gave it to Bryant along with the chance to win the game.

After the game, Nash could have criticized the refereeing. He could have cried and complained like most star athletes who have a call go against them. Instead, Nash said basketball is a fast game that requires quick decisions, and it was him and his team that were the cause of the loss; not the refs. Nash's reaction told me that his team deserved to win the series. Saturday night they did just did; won their third in a row and game seven.

Today, Nash received his second NBA MVP award. I'm sure Canadians are just as proud of Nash this year as they were last year when he won the award. Not just because Nash is a fantastic athlete, and the proof is in his statistics and his team's record, but because Nash is a great sportsman, a great teammate, and the epitome of a great Canadian.


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