Wednesday, May 03, 2006

NHL Playoffs

Round One Post-Mortem

Okay, I was wrong most of the time: 3 for 8.

Eastern Conference

(1) Ottawa vs. (8) Tampa Bay
Clearly, I allowed my personal hate for the Senators get in the way of this pick. Ray Emery came to play, and Martin Havlat also showed up. Tampa as a team was woeful, and their goaltending (with the exception of Sean Burke's Game 5 start) was worse.

(2) Carolina vs. (7) Montreal
Right on this one. I will say that Montreal didn't lose because of Cristobal Huet, but because their forwards were no where to be found in the final four games of the series.

(3) New Jersey vs. (6) NY Rangers
Right, again. Rangers were horrible, plain and simple.

(4) Buffalo vs. (5) Philadelphia
Again, my personal hate for Buffalo got in the way. Ryan Miller was excellent, Robert Esche was Robert Esche, which is to say, not a number one goaltender.

Western Conference

(1) Detroit vs. (8) Edmonton
So very wrong. Detroit was old, Edmonton was hungry. Dwayne Roloson proved himself to me in this series, and so did the rest of the Oilers.

(2) Dallas vs. (7) Colorado
Their seventh-place finish was deceiving--Colorado is a better team than the regular season record indicates. Jose Theodore was only really tested in Game 5, and he got the job done.

(3) Calgary vs. (6) Anaheim
I wanted Calgary to win, and I'm quite shocked that they didn't. This one stings my pool picks.

(4) Nashville vs. (5) San Jose
Right, one last time. San Jose just needs Thornton to start scoring.

Tomorrow: round two picks.



kaitlyn said...

Calgary, WTF?

This makes me so sad.

Czobit said...

Yes, it's disappointing for me, too.

Calgary looked to be in control of the entire series. Anaheim's first two wins seemed to fall into the fluke category. And once Calgary went up 3-2 in the series, I thought that was it for the Ducks. Then Anaheim switched goalies, and that seemed to be enough to shut down the Flames's offence. Game 7 wasn't pretty. Anaheim now looks like a contender, which I would never have thought going into the playoffs.