Saturday, May 13, 2006

Saturday Update

Brown, the Sens, SNL, the Leafs

I'm in the middle of Dan Brown's Angels & Demons. I plan to have that read along with The Da Vinci Code before the movie is released next Friday. After I've read both, I'll share my thoughts on the two here.

At work tonight, I hope to send a story I've been waiting for during these NHL playoffs, and that is the one about the Ottawa Senators' season being kaput. I can feel it; it's happening tonight.

Also tonight, Saturday Night Live might actually be passable, because Julia Louis-Dreyfus is the host. Paul Simon is singing.

And a couple of things about the Toronto Maple Leafs. First, hiring Paul Maurice as head coach was probably the smartest choice John Ferguson, Jr. could have made. Some people are suggesting that the Leafs won't make the playoffs next year. They'll make them, and they'll get to at least the second round.

Second, just because Mats Sundin puts his Forest Hill mansion up for sale doesn't mean he's leaving the Leafs. The dumbest rumour was that the sale of Sundin's house was a signal that he wasn't leaving just the Leafs, but the NHL--that Sundin, who was one of the most dominate players in the second-half of the season, was set to retire. Leafs fans just have too much radio air time to kill.



Kerry said...

It was a slow, slow news day. At least sanity prevailed and there wasn't a reporter piece -- that I know of.

Czobit said...

Heh. I wish. The Globe, the Star, and the Sun covered this huge non-story.

nicole said...

I started reading the Da Vinci Code for the second time this weekend (because it was the cheapest paperback in the airport). I think I want to see the movie, but I find the book to be a little boring and think Dan Brown is actually a bad writer. I read another book last summer about the secrets behind the Da Vinci code and came up with my own theory, which I posted on the andpop blog ... I can't believe that was a year ago now.

Czobit said...

I'll save my thoughts on Brown for the fabulous review that, I hope, will be up by Friday.