Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sunday Update

The Sens


Oh, yes!

It was such a great feeling to not only see the Ottawa Senators season end on a short-handed overtime goal (everyone in this biased newsroom cheered), but to also send the story that legions of Sens fans will read. That's if there are any Sens fans left, because this is a team more disappointing than the Maple Leafs. Nobody expects the Leafs to do anything but lose; the Sens, however, are expected to win, and win big. Instead, on Saturday night, they lost, and lost big.

I particularly liked Bob Cole's unpoetic and ridiculous statement at the end of the Senator's overtime loss: "Sudden death: whoever came up with that term did a heck of a job." Yeah,'re right.

And then on The Score (channel 53 in most neighbourhoods), Ottawa's biased reporter, Patricia Boles, said the series was, and I must quote here, "Close." Close? Close?!? Sure, all five games in the series were decided by a single goal, but the difference between the winners and losers in this series were like miles, miles between cliffs. There never was a bridge to cross the gap.

Now I can be somewhat satisfied with whatever the end result will be for the NHL playoffs. I have one rule when it comes to the Stanley Cup: if the Leafs are out of it (and when aren't they), then it's Anybody But Ottawa.

This season, that'll be the case again.



Kerry said...

There were about six people in the CBC newsroom at the time and the general response was a collective "meh." I think their celebration happened after the Flames were knocked out.

I was still too busy celebrating the fact that Jose "Everyone will see that Colorado made the better move" Theodore had been swept by a team named after a Disney movie.

Czobit said...

I was genuinely surprised that the Avs played so badly. Theodore is a hasbeen and he's not even 30.

Kerry said...

He let the rock star air around him go to his head. The sad thing is that he made a name for himself in the mid-90s when Thibault started to suck and he was put in as the main goaltender in the playoff series against New Jersey (which we lost, but in six or seven games). The same fate may yet befall Huet.

Czobit said...

I don't think Huet will be as good next season. There are very few goaltenders who have breakout seasons and then play as well the next.

Consider, Giguerre in Anaheim--now he's a back-up to Bryzgalov. Consider Raycroft in Boston--now he's a back-up to Thomas (another guy who looks to be a potentially huge mistake).

One guy who backed it up after a great season was Kiprusoff. But he seems like the exception.

I'm going to keep an eye on Huet, Thomas, Toskala, Miller and Ward next season. Of those five goalies who had or are having breakout seasons in net, I only think Miller and Ward have the stuff to last. And it's no coincidence that their teams are still in the playoffs.