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I'm in the middle of The Da Vinci Code. One of the organizations Dan Brown writes about in his novel is Opus Dei. In today's New York Times, Paul Fortunato, an Opus Dei member, contributes an op-ed piece that gives some more information about the group.
For the record, I do wear a spiked metal band on my leg for a couple of hours a day just like the movie's murderous Opus Dei numerary, Silas (that's always the first question). But I do not wear a robe, except at graduation ceremonies. I'm an English professor at a state university and am finishing a book titled "Modernist Aesthetics and Consumer Culture in the Writings of Oscar Wilde." So much for stereotypes.

No word whether Fortunato is also an albino.


The Toronto Star's front-page today had a story about a macaque named Maggie who correctly predicted an Edmonton-Carolina Stanley Cup final. The amazing thing is that many hockey commentators predicted differently.
Maggie's picks are something less than scientific. She spins a roulette-type wheel, with the competing teams on it, to make her selections.

Spinning a wheel is the only reason a person or a macquie would pick an Edmonton-Carolina final. Edmonton has consistenly over-achieved in the playoffs, and most commentators thought that the team's play would not continue. But I've given up picking against them.


From the Needs Mental Help file:

Plattsburgh, NY (AHN)-A Plattsburgh man is facing felony charges for allegedly striking his mother in the head with a sharp object hooked to a bicycle chain after she made a comment about "American Idol."

According to Plattsburgh City Court records, 24-year-old Cory K. Favreau was discussing the television show "American Idol" with his mother, Jan M. Chagnon, on May 24 at about 10:15 p.m.

According to the report, after Chagnon told Favreau that a particular contestant, Katharine McPhee, was going to have a successful career despite losing to another contestant, Taylor Hicks, Favreau allegedly stood up, made a malicious comment to his mother and struck her in the head with a sharpened, cross-shaped object attached to a bicycle chain.

Favreau was charged with second-degree assault and third-degree criminal possession of a weapon. He was sent to Clinton County Jail, where he was still being held Wednesday for lack of $5,000 cash bail.

Chagnon had told City Police she did not want to press charges because she said her son did not intend to hurt her. However, police can press charges themselves in cases where they feel it is warranted. He is scheduled to reappear June 5 in City Court.

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