Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Foreign Beer

That's A Foreign Word. I Am Not Stupid.

Last night, I caught the Keane concert in Toronto. While there were some keen fans (had to use that awful pun), there were several suspect individuals that happened to be in the queue; their dialogue produced several Kill Me Moments®.

I'll focus on the two fiftysomething sisters (I'm being cruel) in front of me:

I can't believe Keane would play in some hole-in-the-wall in Toronto.

The Mod Club is in Little Italy.
The Mod Club is also directly across a bar that had umbrellas emblazoned with beer logos:

Stella-- . Stella Ar-- . Stella... What does that say? Stella Ar-toe.

Give me a ledge, please.
A cart of flags passed by the Mod Club:

-Is that England's flag?

This exchange would have been all right had there actually been a cross of St. George flag on the cart. The flag these two knowledgeable Keane fans were identifying was Australia's.
Thankfully, the music was far better.


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kaitlyn said...

Oh. no.

People make me sad. And afraid for the future of humanity