Friday, June 16, 2006

Friday Post

In Minutes

One of the things I'm able to do because of my job is to watch a near unhealthy amount of sporting events. I probably watched 80 hours of the Winter Olympics at work and a bit at home. I've seen most of the NHL playoffs, parts of the NBA playoffs, and many Major League games. Sometimes, watching sports is all I can recall doing at work.

And now in the past seven days, I've watched roughly 40 hours of soccer. Some has been good, some has been awful--namely, the two hours it took for Ukraine to embarrass themselves against Spain.


Last week, I spent three days working on the CP Ontario desk, which was drastically different than working on the CP Online desk. I wrote two stories; one may still be floating around on the Internet; the story was heavily edited, but with my byline. It's good to have that out of my way.


I saw The Da Vinci Code on Tuesday. A bit too long, but I expected it to be worse. I don't remember much about the movie other than some things were changed to make the film PG-13, and Robert Langdon of the movie is not Robert Langdon of the book.

I also remember using the soap in the men's washroom. The scent was Grade 4 Vomit. The theatre must have ran out of better-scented soap.



Kerry said...

Ahh, sports events -- the savior of all online news employees. Especially on weekends. I'm watching (erm, listening) to the hockey game, while the only other people in the newsroom are watching baseball a few feet away.


Czobit said...

I didn't see the game, but the result disgusts me.

Why, Carolina, why?

I suppose you don't want to see the Hurricanes win, but Edmonton, ugh...

Kerry said...

I really don't care. An Edmonton win would mean the team that knocked my team is dealt a humiliating loss at home. A Carolina win means my team went down against the team that went all the way in two consecutive playoffs.

The game was more interesting than the Liberal leadership debate (which I also had to watch at work), though that's not saying much.

Czobit said...

Yeah. I hear you. The main desk was bored as hell watching the leadership debate. Our main editor couldn't take it any more and switched to the football, er, soccer.