Wednesday, June 21, 2006

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Talking Without Saying Anything

I've reconsidered my bashing of the Edmonton Oilers throughout the playoffs. I think I should justify it. It's not the team I hate; it's the fans. Wait, that's a lie. I also hate the team.

So, that explains nothing...

The NBA finals are finished--huge ratings in Canada. Now we're down to few sport events for the summer. After July 9, the World Cup will be history and there'll only be baseball and the CFL. This might be a boring development, but it also means less work for me at my desk job.

Speaking of which, it appears I have struck a deal to take a six-week leave during my internship--the one which I still know nothing about.


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nicole said...

I am coming to TO on July 14 to see NICKELBACK at the Amphitheatre.