Thursday, June 01, 2006

NHL Playoffs

Stanley Cup Final

This season my prediction record is abysmal. But I'll give a quick stab at picking the Stanley Cup winner.

Edmonton beat Anaheim with ease in the last round, and because of that, the team might be overconfident going into the Cup final. Another thing to be considered is Dwayne Roloson in Edmonton's net. Despite playing the best hockey of his career in the first three rounds of the playoffs, Roloson is still a potential problem. I doubt whether he can continue to play beyond what he had shown to be his ability.

similarly, Carolina's goaltending situation is suspect. I don't think Cam Ward or Martin Gerber have the ability to win a Cup. But Ward has consistently proven his critics wrong.

I could go on, but I'll get to the point: Edmonton in six.



nicole said...

The NHL needs John Hecimovic.

Czobit said...


Kerry said...

The only upside to an Edmonton win would mean that my Habs would be avenged. Other than that, meh.

Czobit said...

Yeah. This a mostly boring Cup final. You could probably tell I didn't care too much when I cut my post short.

Here's to one of the teams winning in four just to have this over with.