Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Yearbook

Looking Up a Name

I got this email from a friend this afternoon:

Look at the list of (suspected) terrorists they busted in Toronto, and look at Asad Ansari. Check your year book (our grade), and look up his name. You will find a nice surprise.....

Undoubtedly, Asad Ansari, one of the suspects arrested, went to school with me for several years. I don't remember much about him. We had mutual friends and so, we had at least a few conversations. I do remember he was smart, but his marks could have been better; I also remember friends would joke that Asad would be a terrorist one day.

I guess some things in life are just a matter of time.



nicole said...

That is fucking creepy eh.

Czobit said...

Yeah. While his friends joked about him becoming a terrorist, I considered him harmless. He never said anything suspect to me.