Sunday, July 16, 2006


Here, I Have Something To Say

You know those people still wearing NYPD/FDNY t-shirts and ball caps? It's time they moved on. We get it; those people were brave... five years and 10 months ago. Move on.
Oh, and now that Israel is responsible for the killings of seven Canadians, Stephen Harper is perhaps the first Canadian Prime Minister to support a government that ultimately killed innocent Canadians. Good on ya, Harps! I knew you had it in you.
Speaking of Harper, the guy is an idiot. Oh, that's not based on something he did; just on photos. Have you seen him at the G-8 meetings? Yikes. We might see a spike in Canadian emigration.
Thom Yorke's "The Eraser" is in the top 2 of 2006's great releases.
Looks like Eric Lindros won't be in Maple Leaf Blue next season--my prayers answered, and I didn't even have to pray.


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