Monday, August 14, 2006

AIDS Conference

The Opening Ceremony

I get to the Rogers Centre with my $60 ticket in hand to find out our tickets have been 'upgraded.'

We were to sit at the dot:

We were moved to this dot:

'Upgraded' means sitting further from the stage. Worse, people who had paid less than we did were sitting among us. If we were told we were 'downgraded,' I would have been pleased with the honesty.

After two hours of talk (some of it good; some of it clichéd hopefulness never to be achieved), the concert portion of the evening was set to begin. It's now just after 9 p.m. But before the concert starts, we're subjected to a horrible interpretive dance performance and a DJ with a dance presentation. Somehow these two performances take an hour to complete.

After an hour of crap (some of it horrible; some of it god awful), the concert portion of the evening was set to begin. It's now just after 10 p.m. But before the concert starts, Alicia Keys comes out and sings? No, she lists 25 pieces of wisdom she's learned over her years. I vomit. She gets off the stage.

Concert line-up:

Barry Ivan White - two songs; two too many

Amanda Marshall - four songs; no heart

Blue Man Group - one song; could have done with more

Chantal Kreviazuk - four songs; heart

Massari (a poser) - three songs; dirt, shit

Our Lady Peace - three songs; way too short

Barenaked Ladies - didn't see 'em

My friends and I had to skip the BNL set because we foolishly relied on the concert organizers to give an accurate finish time for the concert (they said 11 p.m.) and the GO to still be available. But when OLP finished playing, it was 12:15 a.m. The last train out is 12:43 a.m. So we left.

We get to Union and find out our train has been delayed indefinitely because of a police investigation. Now, seemingly stranded and missing the concert we could have stuck around for, the situation was bleak.

But incredible coincidences occur: my friend, who works security for Blue Jays games was also working tonight's AIDS event, which I didn't know. He also happened to be walking through Union Station at the end of his shift to get to his car. And thus, he gave us a ride home and rescued our night.



kaitlyn said...

it's too bad you missed the BNL set. i saw them play in stratford last fall with laura, and it was lots of noisy fun.

i love how on the night of the AIDS conference, Canadian Idol had "unplugged night. clearly "unplugged" is code for "we got kicked out of our regular venue and couldn't think up anything better than this."

Czobit said...

Lol, yeah, I thought that was kind of on the pathetic side. They made out their unplugged night to be something special, but if Mulroney hadn't said it every three minutes, I doubt most people would have noticed.

I'm gonna have to go to the next BNL concert in support of their new album. Shouldn't be too far off.

nicole said...

I'm jealous how often you get to see OLP. Do they at least sing their old stuff?

Czobit said...

They do. On this night, it was one new song and two old songs.

Czobit said...
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