Sunday, August 13, 2006

Internet History

The Misfortune Of Clicking An Icon

I'm on a computer at work - this is yesterday - and I click on the History Icon - the sundial one - on the Internet Browser: mistake.

I glance down and see two bizarre addresses considering the setting. The addresses have titles that contain the word 'Spanking.'

I click on one expecting that this is a misunderstanding; how could someone have the courage to look at two websites about spanking at work? My expectation was wrong, and in fact, the link is to an actual spanking fetish blog.

I'm not here to judge; if you read this weblog, you know I never judge. But I have to question the intelligence behind visiting spanking websites at work. There may not be a specific policy against this practice, but I don't think the activity would draw many smiles from management.

But beyond the courageous stupidity of visiting sexual fetish websites at work, there's a more pressing concern: my health. I use that computer. And when this co-jerker - yikes, I mean co-worker - takes what seems like an extended smoke break, maybe he's not smoking, maybe he's doing something else. You know my concerns.

(And if this co-worker does participate in extra-curricular activities such as ___________ (fill in the blank), then where does he draw the line? Is it okay anywhere? In telephone booths? Maybe in confessional booths?)

The only thing to allay my fears is that the co-worker is old; my impotency radar says he's a good candidate for Viagara. I only hope he leaves his pills at home.


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