Saturday, August 26, 2006

A Reconciliation

Catching Up With The Journalism

Some might say that spending a day off from work reading magazines is a waste of time. Then to those people, I've been wasting time today.

I was behind in my New Yorker reading (yes, I'm a journalism snob). Nineteen issues behind. And I've spent most of my time today getting caught up. Four more issues and I'll be 'current.'

But reading these New Yorker issues is about more than being up-to-date with the issue that's on the newsstand; reading these issues has left me in a manic state, and reminded me why I love journalism. It doesn't take a Malcolm Gladwell to figure out that surrounding someone with the best in journalism can make them appreciate journalism (again).

I'm not saying I was surrounded with the worst in journalism at CP, which made me lose my appreciation for journalism. But when you work like a drone, stories tend to lose their meaning in the blur of words on your screen.

The New Yorker reminded me of journalism's greatest qualities. Good timing, I'll say; Year Four is close.


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