Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Launch

That Went Well

Inside the Eaton Centre. See one freak--dirty clothes, medical pants, ugly beard--asking for money. See another freak--muttering to self--walk by. And I wished: wouldn't it be nice if the muttering freak gave money to the begging freak.

My masthead finally launched RyersOnline this morning. It was a disaster. The only thing that prevented it from being a fucking disaster was the small detail that nobody knew we launched or saw us launch.

We're a long way away from being a good site. Four more weeks to make it good.

Also, round one of the Ryersonian vs. the Eyeopener goes to the Eyeopener. And not by a slim margin.

Got the new BNL disc playing on a infinite loop (or until my battery dies) on my iPod. Back to that.



Kerry said...

The fact that Joyce has a little bio already written is kind of creepy.

Kerry said...

Speaking of which, shouldn't the Ryersonian have given it more coverage than just putting the URL in the banner? It's more than just their website, after all.

Czobit said...

Strictly on the record: the Ryersonian isn't cooperating with us. They won't reveal story ideas to the online masthead for fear we'll give them to you.

The Ryersonian masthead has missed the small detail that the online masthead is their partner.

Laura said...

yaaah bnl - but which version of the album? the standard? deluxe? standard + live? huh?

uhm anyway, its good, yah?? ;) lots more musical variety than things past (even that they use the accordian and horns more prominently... and steve and ed arent the only ones with lead vocals).

Czobit said...

I got me the deluxe iTunes version. Twenty-seven tracks. But I'm intrigued about the standard + live. Didn't know there'd be one of those.

Which version did you get?

Yes, on the good, too. I've listened to it about three times through (good commute music), and I'm warming to the songs that I first didn't have much affection for.

The different vocals is a smart move. Like it.

kaitlyn said...

I have the deluxe one too.

It's pretty good (thanks Laura!) -- or at least what I heard of it before my battery died en route to work today is good.

How is RyersOnline going? How the hell do you say that? Ryerson-line? Ryers-online? RyerSONline? Ryersononline? This sparked a long and lively discussion with a friend in the mag stream last night.

Czobit said...


Meant to get to these questions sooner.

How is RyersOnline going?

Have you seen it? It's going as it looks, which is okay, but nothing spectacular. I finished my stint as managing editor and Thursday, which means I get to care less about everything that's going on.

What's actually cool is if you have the time while you're in the broadcast masthead, then you can get some of your reports up on the site and they'll actually look good.

How the hell do you say that? Ryerson-line? Ryers-online? RyerSONline? Ryersononline?

It's supposed to be Rye-er-son-line, but there's no official rule. It can also be pronounced "over-rated," "garbage," or "wow, that's an ugly site."