Friday, September 08, 2006

The Masthead

Ready To Launch

I'm only two days into the start of my semester and I already feel the pressure of the upcoming work.

When you're working with a skeleton crew for a masthead, there's far more work to go around than available bones (and I know that analogy makes no sense). And because I'm the most experienced masthead member, I feel it's up to me to keep everything going for the first few weeks. At the same time, I don't want to be overbearing.

My reign as the first-ever RyersOnline* managing editor is half finished because of the short week, but there's not that much power in the job. At least I'm not going to put much power into the job -- I need space to maneuver when my time is up and I still have four weeks left on the masthead.

The site, which I previewed on Wednesday, needs some work. The soft launch is this upcoming Wednesday, but I'll be running it as the real deal.

One of my duties on the masthead are to act as a liason between other mastheads, specifically, one broadcast masthead and the Ryerson Review of Journalism.

Next week I'll be meeting with both groups, which means a week in meetings and in front of a computer. Very journalismy.

*Like the name? Try pronouncing it. I'll just refer to it as RyeLine.



Kerry said...

I saw Kornegay today. She was carrying a plant and looked at me funny. It was frightening.

Ryersonline, eh? Hmm.

Any word on who's doing what at the Ryersonian right now? Masthead-wise, that is.

Czobit said...

Don't mention Kornegay: I'm still not over the emotional trauma of last semester.

Ryersonian masthead:

Christou, Mirella - Copy Editor
Coutts, Matthew - Sports editor
Dunne, Melissa - Managing Editor
Fraser, Laura - Photo Editor
Mapp, Glynnis - Entertainment Editor
OĆ­Reilly, Nicole - News Editor
Panetta, Simona - Voices Editor
Sharaf, Amy - Production Manager
Shufelt, Tim - News Editor
Yake, Rosalyn - Features Editor
Yerkie, Adam - Editorial Editor

nicole said...

Holy fuck.
You're havin almost as much fun as me working full time hours with no pay. Except they don't really know what to do with me, so I'm a little bored half the time.

Will be happy for next semester.

Czobit said...

Who said I'm not having the time of my life?