Sunday, September 10, 2006

September 11

On Conspiracies

At work and so-called journalists are seriously talking about 9-11 conspiracies. They're questioning the science. They're questioning the air planes. They're making me question their qualifications for this job.

What they really need to do is read this so they know how fucking stupid they are.

If someone is in the area, please come and kill me. Unbearable.



kaitlyn said...

Here at the Ceeb, the general feeling is that we shouldn't talk about 9/11 at ALL. Even on the anniversary.

Although I'm tired of all the hullabaloo on the CNN loop that keeps playing in front of my desk, we need to acknowledge it, right?

Czobit said...

Ah, don't think so.

All the speeches are way too much: Rice, Bush, Harper - Harper!

And then CNN rebroadcasting 9-11 as it happened five years ago on the net... Kind of, uh, not sure what to call it.

Long live the nickname, 'Ceeb.'

Laura said...

hah, 911 avoidance is one reason i'm glad i had class for 12 hours today.

journalist suckers :P

Czobit said...

You're quite lucky.

I got called into work to top it off, which ended any real chance for me to avoid 9-11 for the rest of the night.

What I found puzzling was CNN's use of the headline "New Developments" when talking about something that happened five years ago.

nicole said...

I believe some of the conspiricy stuff, like the missile in the pentagon. That's a pretty clean cut whole to have been knocked through by an airplane and where was the airplane debris?

When are we going to hang out Michael? Stop avoiding me. I've been back in TO for 3 weeks.

nicole said...

I meant to say hole, not whole.
It's early.

Czobit said...

You have my number, Nicole. I avoid no one. I prefer confrontations.