Saturday, September 09, 2006

Stolen Paper

Okay, Not Really A Stolen Paper. Just One Section or: An Overreaction

Despite my long-standing (four months long) feud with the Globe and Mail, I will read a copy if one is in front of me. This was the case today at work.

The weekend Globe is perhaps the best Globe of the week; you feel full after reading it. And so I had plans to read it in it's entirety when I finished catching up with the wires.

But before I had the chance to read the Globe in its entirety, I stepped away to grab lunch. I returned a few minutes later to see the Travel section pulled out of the paper.

Upon further inspection, the Weekend Review had been stolen. The Weekend Review stolen! I left the desk for minutes, and some spineless coward (which word is unnecessary?) stole my Weekend Review. I'm not fucking kidding you.

Who the hell goes around stealing sections from other people's newspapers? And it's not like my copy of the Globe was lying in plain view: my copy was under a copy of the National Post and barely in view.

The pulled out Travel section indicates to me that the ball-less thief was in full steal-and-run mode. I'll get to the bottom of this, though. It may take weeks (I only have five left after tomorrow), but I will get my vengeance.

Or probably not.


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