Monday, October 30, 2006

Finger Lickin'

Ain't It Great KFC Is Healthy Again?

Seriously, fuck off. This story is getting way too much play.

A quick breakdown: after years of slowly killing its customers by using cheap, hydrogenated oils in its food, KFC, under pressure from everyone with a brain, decides to stop using its deadly oils in favour of canola. So what? KFC is still about as healthy as any cheap fast food.

People are greeting this (non-)news story like its their license to go eat two buckets of deep-fried, deadly chicken, 'cause now, it's a little less deadly. Everyone applaud KFC for choosing to kill its customers slower.



kaitlyn said...'s KFC!

It's nothing special here, but in the UK, it's delightful. When I make my four-times-a-year pilgrimage for fast food, it's somewhere I consider.

Czobit said...

Oh, I wouldn't be surprised that it's better in the UK.